Saturday, 12 April 2014

Off to the Con!

If you follow the September17 Productions Facebook page or my Twitter (@AndrewLorenz17), you've probably already seen that tomorrow I'll be at the Winnipeg Comic and Toy Expo tomorrow from 10am-5pm. And if you don't, well now you do.

So what makes this worth mentioning? After all, it IS only a one-day show. It's also the first show that I'll be doing as a "pro". I put it in quotations because, in my opinion I won't count myself as a pro until 1. I finish my first year of publishing (that'll be July) and 2. I have a couple cons (conventions) under my belt (that'll be this Nov.).  It's all up to the individual if they consider themselves to be a pro- some would argue you need to put years in doing it full-time. If that's the case, I may never be one. 

Either way I'm pretty excited and a bit nervous about tomorrow. I'll be flying solo, which might make for a long day (I'll be setting up 9ish) but I'll be taking a notebook with me so that I can keep working while I'm there. Canadian Corps #1 is on draft number 60,421 (or so it feels like) but I think with this latest one I've really got the tone down that I wanted it to have. 

I know one person that will be setting up there (A.P Fuchs, Axiom-man), have plans to meet another (Rod Salm, Death At Your Door) and am hoping to see at least a couple familiar faces stopping by to say hi at one point or another. 

LEGACY #3 will be available ten days before it's actual release as a sort of "con incentive" to pull in some people that might not otherwise make the trip- I'm a firm believer in getting people out to shows because there is ALWAYS something cool to see at them. 

No matter what, it should be a good time- I'll be doing a little live tweeting if there's anything worth mentioning (or if I get bored)- and if anything else, it'll be a learning experience. If you're in the Winnipeg area, by all means stop by. If not, I hope to see you at a con one day down the road!

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