Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Four Down, Many, Many, MANY More To Go

OK so if you missed it somehow (and if that's the case how did you even get to this blog?) LEGACY #3 was released as of... just over 2 hours ago. You can find it here: Digital Copies  or here for Print Copies   

I had made copies available 10 days in advance of the official release date at the Winnipeg Comic and Toy Expo and they sold through so well that I've already had to place another order in JUST for my "regulars" (co-workers and friends) as there are very few copies of the first print left to sell off. Sold out BEFORE it hits stands? Not bad. Also not great, hence the links above- if you're in a rush to find out what's going on after LEGACY #2's cliffhanger, head to one of those two sites. At this time the book hasn't gone live but it will be by the time most of you are reading this- give'm a break they need to sleep too.

So anyhow back to why I'm writing this at 2:30 in the morning. Besides the fact that I was busy watching hockey earlier (Go Bruins!) instead of doing this at a reasonable time.

As of today September17 Productions/myself have published 4 comic books. 

I know what you're thinking.

Wow! Four comic books? FOUR WHOLE COMIC BOOKS? Doesn't Marvel and DC do like TEN TIMES that each and every MONTH?? 

Yeah ok, so they do. They also have a HUGE stable of artists, writers and PILES AND PILES OF PRODUCTION MONEY. Jerk. Just kidding. 

What September17 has, however, is an incredibly talented and wonderful group of artists and myself. A guy who probably should've thought things through a little more before embarking on this adventure- sure it's all limousines and rockstar levels of fame (no, it's really not even close to that) but how much fun is writing a blog less than 6 hours until the day job? Pretty fun actually. But it's a lot of working making comic books. 

Luckily, as I mentioned, I have a great group of people to work with and I can honestly say that when you crack open your copy of LEGACY #3 today (or tomorrow or the next day) IT STACKS UP AGAINST ANYTHING ELSE ON THE SHELVES RIGHT NOW. I'm that damn proud of it. Every book has gotten better as we've worked together and my writing is finally getting closer to being as good as the art- and there is some AMAZINGLY GOOD art in the S17 books so even if you think the writing sucks, the pretty lines and colors will distract you and be worth your hard-earned money. 

So what's next? More books of course! 

LEGACY #4 was originally slated for a July release but we'll most likely push it back August because it isn't just another excellent 24 page installment in the chronicles of the city of Legacy, no this is the 32 page grand finale to the first story arc of LEGACY. It's big. And filled with action and story and everything you could ever hope to have in a comic book. It'll be worth the extra wait, trust me. 

We'll be rounding out the year with LEGACY #5 (sorry New Guard fans, you WILL see a new book but you'll have to wait til the new year- Kenan is currently hard at work on LEGACY as Andre has moved on to another project...a HUGE project that you'll see out next year as well) and a collected edition/trade paperback of LEGACY #1-4 which will have some neat extra stuff to go with it.
This July we'll be running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the aforementioned project that Andre is currently hard at work on. 

In closing, thank you again for your on-going interest and support and never fear, we've got LOTS more in store for you!


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