Monday, 27 January 2014

Don't Give Me Excuses, Just Results


That's the amount of comic book script pages that I should have written by now, if I was keeping up my goal of 3 pages per day.

The key word there is SHOULD.

I am NOT done 81 pages. And while technically I have until midnight tonight to finish three of those pages, it still would not get me to that magic number.
Currently I have written forty-eight pages, or just over HALF of what I should be at.

Why am I so far behind?

Numerous reasons, among which was being sick for six of the first ten days of the month.
The very knowledgeable comic book writer, Ron Marz (current writer of Witchblade, Shinku and formerly of Green Lantern, and Silver Surfer) once suggested that work done when you're ill ends up being less than your best and would require just as much work to fix it later on than if you had just done it right when you were healthy.

Let's be generous and write off FIVE of those days. Simple math tells us that I would be off-pace by FIFTEEN pages.

So how is is that I am off by nearly THREE TIMES that?

At the end of the day it comes down to not making the time.

That phrase I think is particularly true when it comes to writing. You don't "find" the time, you MAKE it. You block off time and put everything off to the side- you sacrifice time with friends or loved ones or away from whatever hobbies or other interests that you have (like sleep) and you MAKE it happen. If you try to find the time, you never will. There's too much going on these days between work, friends, family and a variety of other distractions to FIND time. Most of us have none.

Especially if writing is something that you do after your day-job. Like me. Hey I'm even writing this blog at my day-job because I know I won't have time tonight when I try to make up some ground on the script for New Guard #2. There's no rush for the script to be done- the artist still has one book to finish and an entire book in-between but I said I would do it and have it done by Feburary and I have another writer joining me on part of the book and it's only respectful to have it done as soon as possible so that she can fit it in among her many other projects that she has on the go.

In the long run, only YOU are to blame for not getting it done- so don't give excuses, just results.

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