Saturday, 7 December 2013

2013 Year in Review (Where We’ve Been) / 2014 Preview (Where We’re Going)

This last year saw the debut of the first comic book title from September17 Productions, with LEGACY #1 being released July 3. LEGACY #2 followed in November to round off the release for 2013. Both books were well received by readers, and by year’s end both books were available online from DriveThruComics digitally and IndyPlanet and direct from S17 for print distribution. 

Budget-wise the first issue of LEGACY broke even, in large part due to a very popular limited Collector’s Edition that came with a framed 11x17” print and an expanded version of the book.

2014 will see 4 books being released; LEGACY #3, 4 and 5, as well as a second S17 title, New Guard #1. New Guard is set in the same comic book universe as LEGACY but readers will be able to read either title without having to pick up both- though those that choose to do so will see that the titles do touch on each other and enhance the story-lines of both books.

As we speak Kenan Halilovic is hard at work on LEGACY #5, Kenan makes his S17 debut though in New Guard #1, before jumping aboard S17’s flagship title, taking over the book from Andre Siregar.

Andre is finishing up LEGACY #4 and will be moving on to a new book- The Third Age, which will be a very big book for the S17verse.

Next year will be a busy year production-wise as Kenan is set to do LEGACY #6, New Guard #2 and #3. Andre will be doing the aforementioned Third Age book, one that will expand the S17verse as its first “summer blockbuster movie” book. 

The Third Age will be the largest single issue to date, clocking in at 50 pages of action, adventure and discovery. It will also be the first Kickstarter that S17 will be doing, in an effort to help fund such a large undertaking, we will be seeking the assistance of crowd-funding in exchange for a variety of cool swag and goodies.

The initial goal of the Kickstarter will be to raise the money for Andre’s linework with stretch goals covering Jessica Jimerson’s excellent color work and lettering, expanding the page count from 50 to 64 pages, and maybe one or two other things. Rewards will range from autographed scripts to digital sketches by S17 artists, limited editions of The Third Age, and t-shirts, among a TON of other things. 

Just as important as raising money for this book, is raising awareness of not only The Third Age but ALL of the comics from September17 Productions.

As part of that, 2014 will see books getting to some stores so that folks can pick up the print copies a little easier. Anyone who knows of a local shop that would be willing to carry copies, by all means please let me know so we can work something out. There may be a reward in it for YOU as well, if they do.  ;)  As well, shops that carry the books will be sure to receive some sort of thanks for their doing so- most likely signed copies and exclusive prints.
 We'll be looking at expanding digitally through Graphicly and Comixology as well in 2014- direct sales from the S17 website will also be something else we'll be looking at- mainly for distribution around outside of the US- Canada, etc., as long as we can keep shipping costs down to a reasonable amount for everyone. There's nothing quite like having the actual printed book in your hands.  :)

In addition to the books previously mentioned, I’ll be working with another artist on developing yet another title, one that will see release most likely in the third quarter of 2015. It’s a book that I’m quite looking forward to doing and I know a few people are going to be quite excited about when they find out about it. I’d love to tell you more about it but hey, we have to have something to talk about for NEXT year’s Year in Review and Preview!  

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