Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Best Laid Plans...

OK. So remember how the other week I said that I'd be writing more- both on scripts and here on the blog? Regular installments and all that jazz? Well... Yeah... Best laid plains and so. 

Well the GOOD news is that I have at least being keeping up with the script stuff. A bit. LEGACY #5 is almost done- last week (I think) I hammered out six really good pages in one night, and now we're pretty much at the end of that book. Four pages left- the last one a splash-style page, so that will be very easy to write. Essentially I'm telling the artist what's happening (very basic stuff) and to make it LOOK COOL. With the super talented individuals I work with, I have no doubt that it will. 

That's pretty much where we're at, at the moment, but if you follow the Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/September17Productions ) or the Twitter ( @AndrewLorenz17 ) you'll have seen that I've decided to expand the S17verse a bit.

Welcome Canada's very own superhuman team, Canada Corps! Comprised of seven individuals from a variety of backgrounds and reasons for being part of this squad of heroes, The Corps will protect not only the Great White North, but the world as well. This isn't some token team, these guys can give any villain or hero a run for their money. And, in typical Canadian fashion (except maybe me) they do it without the need to be as flashy and media-seeking as their global counterparts (what can I say, I LIKE the attention).

As I finish fleshing out the details (this weekend most likely as they are 90% done) I will be posting more about them on here, and maybe even highlighting the process behind their creation. That's assuming you folks want to risk peering inside my head. It's an often confusing place but it's filled with shiny things and chocolate, so there's that, at least.  

LEGACY #1, despite still being in the printing process, has already managed to sell, through an informal pre-order, 1/3 of the Collector's Edition and about 1/6 of the regular edition. Not bad, considering that the book won't be released until June 28th. 

New Guard #1 is coming along, and we're on a brief hiatus for work on LEGACY- #3 linework is completed but, due to bills (man, I hate those), we've pushed back the start on that until the beginning of July. Artists like getting paid for the work they do, apparently. And rightfully so. When you see some of the stuff that Andre's come up with... Well if I had the cash, I'd be giving him a huge raise. Fan-freaking-tastic stuff. Hands-down better than half the stuff on the stands. I buy about three dozen titles a month, so I KNOW what I'm talking about. 

Tomorrow night, as far as I can tell, I'm going to have some free time, so if I manage to stay away from the PS3 and other distractions, I'm going to finish of LEGACY #5 and maybe do up another of these. There's a few fellow creative-type people- written word, drawn picture, as well as musical sorta stuff who I really think you should take a glance at or listen to. Not only are they talented, they're good people too- at least in my opinion. Good people, good art. Good times!

Catch you wonderful folks later!


Saturday, 11 May 2013

It's May 5, 2013. To date, I have written zero blogs, one chapter of my novel Formerly Known As the Invincible Kid, and have yet to complete a full comic book script since this year began. For a guy who is trying to establish himself as a writer, self-published or not, this is unacceptable. 

I could offer dozens of reasons as to why I've had such low production: my boys on the weekends take up a lot of time, still adjusting to a new job that I started not that long before the new year started, I've started a (fairly) steady work-out program that I wasn't doing before, I've made time to catch up with friends that I haven't seen in months, and spent a fair bit of time coordinating the art for my various comic books in production. Also, the dog ate my homework. Yeah...that excuse never flew in school (plus I don't have a dog) and it sure doesn't now. 

There IS no excuse for not writing. If you want to write, you make the time. Five minutes less of playing DCU Online wouldn't kill me, and really my artists are such great people to deal with that there's no way I could even jokingly call it WORK. Genuine pleasure to collaborate with and just talk to. 

I'm not saying I haven't written ANYTHING- in fact I rewrote (twice, in fact) the script for LEGACY #5. Both rewrites were not to my liking and I scrapped both and started over again. First time that I've done a third draft, which, by the way, is turning out to be my best yet. You folks are going to love it when the book comes out in the first quarter of next year. Or is that second quarter...? Either way, it'll be a great comic and well worth the wait!

So, what's the point of this blog, you may ask? Well, for one, it's an apology to anyone who's supported this dream of being a writer, that I have, because, I haven't been lately. A writer, writes. It doubles as a public declaration that I'm going to get my act together, ass in gear and all that other stuff- I WILL be posting regular, weekly, blog posts. If nothing else, at least THAT will ensure I am doing SOME type of regular writing. You can expect topics to range all over the place- some will be about my on-going writing journey, some will be random rants (possibly spiced rum induced) and others will profile various writers, artists, musicians, movies, tv shows, comic books and other goodness that I believe that you, my loyal followers (and you other poor saps who somehow found your way on here), would benefit from learning about. If I think it's cool, then it MUST be. Right?

Catch you next week!

                                                                 Andrew Lorenz
                                                                             (aka Captain Awesome)