Saturday, 25 August 2012

Reboots, Rewrites, Returns, Remixes and Other Words That Start With "R"

     Hey there! Long time no see! Unless of course you saw the Twitter link that redirected (look! another word starting with "Re"!) you here to see a sneak peak of some character design art. Which means you are not only lucky enough to get an exclusive glimpse of things to come in Legacy, but that you are COOL because you follow me on Twitter (@AndrewLorenz17, just in case you aren't, though I can't imagine why you wouldn't be). Either way, welcome back to the blog...of awesomeness! Or mediocreness. Is that a word? If not, it should be. So...where shall we start? When in doubt...follow the title!

      If you follow either of the "Big Two" in the comics industry, you're no doubt aware of DC's "New 52" reboot and Marvel's..."not reboot, but reLAUNCH". Because changing that last part of the word means that it's SO DIFFERENT from the other guys. It might be, but to me that's like saying it's very warm out versus it's hot out. Details, details. Either way, it's shorts and sandals weather.  Alot of fans are up in arms about all the changes that are being made to characters- previously existing storylines or even characters that they invested countless hours and dollars in are, in their mind, thrown away on a whim. I get where they're coming from. It's not easy to see something that means alot to you twisted into something that you don't even recognize. Then again, sometimes things have a way of working themselves out. I mean growing up, I loved watching Adam West as Batman. Does that mean that I hated the animated cartoon or the live actions movies of later years? Or Scott Snyder's recent run? Nope! If anything thing it made me appreciate each incarnation of them that much more. Something that people tend to forget, even myself at times, is that stories END. Whether "happily ever after" or some other variation, all stories, including our own, have an ending. Sometimes our actions in life, as real or imaginary characters, live on after us, but the story is never the same at that point. It evolves, changes. Into something better or worse, only time can tell. I don't like all the changes that DC has made, and I'm sure to disagree with a few of the ones that Marvel is going to make but, I know, in time, things will change again, and maybe I'll find that it's for the better.

     Speaking of DC's New 52... Rob Liefeld recently departed DC's employ in a rather abrupt manner, expressing a fair bit of...displeasure, with how things were being run. I'll freely admit to checking out what he had to say, beyond being curious as to how "sensational" it was, I love getting ANY insight into the inner workings of a successful comic book company. Why wouldn't I? Any kind of help I can get into making MY books work is well worth a quick read (or longer). Occassionally, I also learn a bit about life. Deep, huh? While I wholeheartedly agree with Mr.Liefeld's freedom and right to rant (I mean isn't that what I'M doing, right now?) I question how responsible it was. Don't get me wrong- I'm not saying he isn't correct in what he said or did, I just question it's possible influence on other creators- either amateur or professional. Some people enjoy having a target painted on them so that they can rise up and dive into battle (words or otherwise), while others are merely content to do their job and ignore the "greater issues". If you're wondering, I'm more of the former, despite my questioning of the responsibility of it. I just know that things like this often have a way of blowing up and affecting more than just the few folks initially involved. Collateral damage, I guess. The thing that makes me think about it is that I am currently on my way out of where I'm employed and although it's voluntary, there are issues that I have with how things are being done. Does this mean I'm going to rant and rave on here? Nope. I don't see a point to it. It doesn't mean that the problems are any less because of my lack of restraint, I just know that for every action there is a reaction and that what I do affects more than just me. The internet gives everyone the power to express themselves, which is one of the greatest things ever, but just remember, we also have a responsibility to use it wisely.

    Returns... Hmm. I HAVE RETURNED! To the blog, that is. I want to be more active with this and much more REGULAR (another R!) with getting posts up. We'll see. A lot of things in transition since June so more than what should have, got put off. I'll make a last part of the year push to make up for it. Most likely. Possibly. Maybe. I'll try. Cut me some slack, will ya?? I kid.

     I had something about remixes that I was going to say but, quite honestly, by this point I've forgotten. This post ended up being a lot different than what I had thought it was going to be and, as usual, I got distracted and off on some tangent and forgot to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find my way back. Alas, c'est la vie.

     A couple quick notes here to wrap things up: 

1. If you have a buck you can spare, you should really really REALLY look into throwing it into this
Charlie is a super awesome guy and I would take it as a personal favor if you were to send him some support- he's well deserving of it and the stuff he has lined up seems pretty wicked cool. Even if you don't have the cash to spare, take a look or, if you're able, pass it on for other people to read about. 

2. Legacy #1 is progressing at a steady pace, we've moved back the release date, as of this time I don't have any specifics, but rest assured we're doing our best to make it worth the wait. Mike just sent me the roughs for page 14 and it looks AWESOME. Really excited about you guys getting to check it all out. When it does come out, I'll have both physical and digital copies available. The digital copy will be probably twice the page count of the physical copy as it will feature the entire script as well as some rough art. I'll have some bonus content in the print copy as well; don't want to leave anyone out!

3. Even if there is an NHL lockout this year, rest assured the Boston Bruins still kick ass.

4. I'm attempting to cut back on junk food. So far, so good. Possibly because I have none available to me at the moment. Someone want to email me a donut? That'd be swell.

5. Skyrim has been my drug of choice lately, although, thankfully, I seem to be losing interest. I've managed to start making a dent in the massive pile of unread books I have. Currently reading one from Harlan Coben's Myron Bolitar series. Great books, highly suggest you check them out.

     That's about all for today, catch you wonderful people next time!
                                                                                                           Andrew aka Captain Awesome

P.S   Refund, Reap, Realize, Register, Record, Reinforce, and Realize. Words that start with R.

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