Sunday, 8 January 2012

Should You Choose To Accept This Mission...

     Or at least I believe that was how that old tv show Mission Impossible started (let's not get started on the whole Tom Cruise movie thing...Tom you are an idiot if you think you can play Jack Reacher..he's a WHOLE FOOT TALLER than your scrawny self...but I digress). Hopefully though the mission I have chosen to accept is NOT an impossible one. Difficult? Yes, without a doubt. Impossible? Nah... Oh! What IS this mission, you ask? Glad you did because I was more than happy to rant about how much Tom Cruise sucks (Katie Holmes was mine you bastard! At least before she got all super skinny and weird looking, have at'r Tom.) but I suppose we should get around to the mission. The Mission. That looks better, sounds more important too. Ok so the mission, oops, The Mission, is as follows:
      TO WRITE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE THIS YEAR. AND IN A CONSITANT AND ORGANIZED MANNER. No half-assing, incomplete, brilliant-yet-unfinished ideas, or at least as few of those as possible.
    To achieve this mission, certain criteria/goals must be met. What are they? Wow you really are a bunch of nosy bastards, but that's ok, questions are good! Sometimes. Usually. Depends on what they're about. But anyway... The goals for this year are as follows:
     A.  One blog entry per week on the Captain Awesome's Realm of Awesomeness blog. If you don't know what that is...either you're an idiot or just completely missed the title of the blog. Either way keep reading, idiots and blind people welcome! No Romulans though! Creepy pointy-eared wannabe Spocks...
     B. One chapter of a novel per week, most likely from the Steven Kincaid mystery series that I've been trying to get into the groove on for...well the better part of a decade. Don't laugh. Or I shall smite thee! Luckily, this past Novemeber saw a HUGE breakthrough for me in terms of that series when I participated in NaNoWriMo (aka National Novel Writing Month). The goal of NaNoWriMo is to begin and FINISH a novel of approximately 50,000 words in the space of the month of... Novemeber! That's right! Man, people who read this blog ARE smart! I knew it! So anyhow, one chapter per week is the keypart here.
     C. Is for Comic Book scripts! Originally the plan was to do TWO a month. That plan has since changed. After finishing the first issue of Legacy (with a whopping 26 page count) in essentially one night, I realized that although two in a month would be awesome, and do-able, I still have alot of background stuff to hammer out for most of the stories and one is more realistic. For now. It will become more, probably by the spring when I've finished the world building that I've been doing for the last year and a bit. It'll be great, trust me!

     D. To participate and FINISH the aforementioned NaNoWriMo contest thing. I made it to about a third of the way before too many real world things got in the way. AND I made the mistake of going back and reading what I wrote. BIG mistake there. You start over thinking things you already wrote instead of creating new stuff and before you know it, you're frustrated and give up. Not this time.

     So far that's pretty much all I've got, though I'm pretty happy with it since it's WAY more than previous years. Seriously if you look at the entirety of my writing/creating in the last 2 years compared to the previous decade, it's pretty damn good. And we're just beginning... Samples of scripts and chapters are going to be popping up on here on a monthly basis, in addition to the usual ranting about the writing itself as well as the blog covering topics beyond my awesomeness. What? Why would I do that? Why not?

     Originally the blog was going to be about whatever random thought crossed my mind but it's kind of turned into "hey this is what my writing is" instead. Not a bad thing, mind you, but no doubt all of you loyal readers out there want to know what Captain Awesome has to say/what he thinks about a variety of topics! Why limit it to just one thing? Captain Awesome will be giving you his insights into many things, so that you can use his words wisdom in your every day life! If there's a topic you want covered, by all means, leave a comment saying what you'd like to see!

                                                       Stay Awesome,   
                                                               Captain Awesome

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