Thursday, 19 January 2012

Na Na Na Na Na Na Nahh...Batman!

And since we're on the topic of old blog is the infamous "Batman" blog that some have heard about...

i'm batman dammit!!

31/05/2006 2:31:43 AM

Ok so i have a wel-conceived half-ass drunken plan. When i get the Chevette (that's right its so damn cool it gets a capital "c", that and its a proper name so it should... english classes pays off so me talk good still) up and running again (around the turn of next centurty by the time i can afford it) i'm gonna deck it out jusyt like the new batmobile aka "the tumbler" (swear to god isnt that what u call a glasss u drink out of? alcoholic me? never...) oh and as u can see "the tumbler" doesnt get a capital cause its a gay name (lmao glen and his "gay" stuff thats funny shit) and NO i have nothing against gay people, its just a word... i'm all for gay marriages too, homosexuals should have the same right to lose half theior shit to a psycho just like i did. i'm totally for EQUAL rights, not many folks are though cause that means they'd actually get treated just like everyone else. back to the Chevette-mobile.... Ya so i'm gonna deck it out, grab some black spray paint and go nuts with it, find me some massive 13 inch tires (lmao a little CT auto parts humor there, fuck u, its funny!! ) and install some wicked-ass rocket launchers and other gizmos. Then i'll dye my duster black, grab a skimask and sew on (ok, get my mom to sew on) little ear thingys and run around beating up near-do wells or whatever the hellthat phrase is (punk-ass bitches that are jaywalkin and the like) screaming "i'm the Batman dammit!" that'll be sweet
The Batman (aka THE DREW, shh.. its a secret identity)

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