Thursday, 19 January 2012

Legacy #1 excerpt!

Page 3
Full splash page. Cops with lights and sirens in hot pursuit of a car full of criminals. Gunfire blazing from the car with the thugs, indiscriminately targeting the police and bystanders alike. This scene needs a real sense of energy and intensity- the cars should come RIPPING onto the panel. Maybe either an upward or downward side shot to give it more ZIP.

Page 4
5 panels on this page in a 2 standard, one wide, 2 standard layout.
Panel 1 
Panel tight on police officer in passenger yelling into the car's radio for immediate backup. The cop is male, Caucasian, late 30s-early 40s, mustache. An experienced beat cop. Standard panel.
older cop
"Repeat, Unit 37 is in pursuit of suspect vehicle. Shots fired! We need backup! NOW!
Panel 2
One of the thugs leaning out, his upper body almost completely out the window firing a handgun, shots ringing out in succession. Standard panel.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Panel 3
Medium wide screen panel. Exterior of police car taking fire; bullets slamming into windshield, hood and one of the lights getting hit and shattering. View of the cops inside is somewhat obscured; shouldn't be able to see if they've been hit or not.
Crack! Crack!
Panel 4
Standard panel. Interior of police car; as if looking through the driver's window. Bullets tear through the glass, hitting the seat, the older cop takes one high in the left shoulder, nothing serious but there's blood.
Thud! Thud! Crack!
(in pain)
Panel 5
Standard panel. Tight up-close shot of the older cop barking into the radio microphone. His hand, the mike and his face should be pretty much all you can see. Maybe a bit of blood spatter indicating his wound.
"Where the HELL is our support, Central?"

Page 5

Panel 1
Close-up of passenger front tire on the police car getting hit by a bullet and blowing out. Thin wide screen panel.
(tire blow out)
Panel 2
Wide screen panel. Cop car veers off-course into a lamp post. Out of commission.
Panel 3
Inside the criminals car, they're high-fiving each other, laughing. Wide screen panel.
Criminal 1
"Hahaha! Woo! Take that pigs!"
Criminal 2
"Nice shootin' bro!"
Panel 4
Large panel. This is the main shot for this page. Driver's P.O.V/maybe an over the shoulder shot. Looking through windshield as a man in a blue bodysuit/costume hurtles through the air at them as though he jumped from a building. Incoming! His face is partly hidden as the sun is behind him though the symbol on his chest, a white star, is quite apparent. The whole thing should give the effect on the thugs of holy shit!
CRIMINAL 3 (driver)
"What the hell is THAT?"

Page 6
Four wide screen panels.
Panel 1
Wide screen panel. Interior of the bad guys car again. Same P.O.V as the previous panel. Windshield spider-webs under the impact. Crunch! Maybe move the "camera" slightly to really make it feel like the guy landed on the car HARD. A colored shape is visible but that's about it.
Panel 2
Wide screen panel. The car comes to a halt, whether through the impact or the driver braking to a stop. Side view of the car, can't see the hood, just the people inside. They're recovering from what just happened, whatever it was, they can't believe someone would've been that crazy.
"Dude, what the HELL did you HIT??"
Panel 3
Wide screen panel. The roof is torn off! This could work either from the outside of car, tight in on roof tearing from the rest of car, or from in the car still as the criminals stare in shock as the car suddenly becomes a convertible.
Panel 4
Wide screen panel. The thugs stare up, completely awestruck and dumbfounded by what they're seeing here. All we can see is their faces and maybe a bit of a shoulder of whoever is now standing on the hood of their car. The main thing here is to convey their reactions to having the roof of a car TORN OFF and what they're seeing on the hood. Panic, fear, disbelief and awe.
Page 7

Full Splash Page. PARAGON stands on the hood of the car, a smile on his face, confident/wry, almost but not quite cocky. Mainly from the thugs' P.O.V, maybe just over the shoulder of them. PARAGON looks larger than life, intimidating and inspiring all at once. The star symbol on his chest draws the eyes to it, almost distracting you from his face (part of the reason he wears it). The sun shines above and behind him almost as if a halo or a spotlight. Have to remember no one of this generation has ever seen a costumed superhero before now. Not in person at least. He holds the remains of their getaway car's roof in his left hand.
"Good day, gentlemen."

And there we have it! Legacy #1! Well PART of it, anyhow. More stuff heading your way soon! Until then...

                                                     Captain Awesome

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