Thursday, 5 January 2012

Crunch time!

Ok, so here we are, less than 20 hours away from my first script deadline. Where's it at? About halfway. Luckily the majority of the rest of it is action, something that I hope won't be too hard to get through. "Paragon punches bad guy in this panel", next! I've already been (generously) granted an extension, due to the holidays and maybe some sucking up on my part, by the wonderful and talented (still sucking up) Shannon who has agreed to be my editor, but now this is it. No more excuses, no more extensions, no more words that start with expeditious. No idea if I spelt that right. Who cares! I'm not the editor! I just write the stuff! And write I shall this evening, essentially HALF of what is needed to be done by tomorrow is still unfinished. Strangely, I couldn't be happier about it. I've always enjoyed performing under pressure, it's so much more satisfying (for me, anyhow) when you beat the odds and snatch victory from the jaws of failure. I never admit defeat. So, tonight after I get home and eat some leftover pizza (yum!) I will switch off my phone, block my Internet with a handy program I came across, and sit and write, Rockstar Mocha in hand, until it is done. I can't wait. It's going to be fun. 
                                                              Yours truly,
                                                                         Captain Awesome  

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